Homeless Woman Given Jacket by Stranger, Speaks Out

Homeless Woman Given Jacket by Stranger, Speaks Out

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Robin Hager sits on the corner of 22nd and Linda everyday, bundled up from head to toe with as many layers as she can find. "I've got like five pairs of gloves on," Hager said.

She says the tears fall easily these days. She's struggling to pay rent after someone bought out her trailer, her electricity and water have been turned off. She says many people who drive by think she's out there doing it for fun, but explains that with the numb fingers and the brutal windchill, there's nothing fun about it.

"You get people looking at you at laughing at you, and it's like, man I just wish you would just live in my shoes for one day and you'll really see that it's really tough out here," Hager explained.

Everyday she gets a dollar or five, here and there; enough to get her dinner. But on Thursday, a stranger drove by and offered her his jacket. The picture of Hager all bundled up and smiling from ear to ear had many people in the basin smiling with her.

"God bless you, sir because it kept me warm all day and I'm afraid to ruin it so I didn't want to bring it out here," Hager said. "God bless all of y'all that come and help me," she said as she began to cry.

For Hager, sometimes the tears fall because her fingers and toes are so numb.

"I went to the bathroom down here at the gas station and thawed out my fingers and cried," Hager said.

But most of the time, the tears fall because of the kindness of strangers.

"You know, I just can't thank people enough for the help."