Driving Tips for Inclement Weather in the Permian Basin

Driving Tips for Inclement Weather in the Permian Basin

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has been working 24-hour shifts treating major highways, overpasses and intersections in the Basin to make the roads safer. But for those who may not be used to driving on ice or snow, TxDOT offered some winter weather driving safety tips.

Gene Powell of TxDOT, said, "We focus on overpasses a lot, we focus on major intersections, we pre-treated interstates with brine water before the precipitation started."

TxDOT will continue to treat the roads as long as ice and snow are present but they do advise that drivers give them plenty of space to work.

"Our advice is give us 200 or 300 feet to work, what we're throwing down on the ground is granular material that will chip your paint on your car and can break a windshield. So stay away from us, keep yourself safe, keep the guys safe, if you see us out there just slow down and give us room to work," Powell said.

It is advised that drivers drive below the normal speed limit and follow the flow of traffic because either going too fast or too slow can cause an accident.

"In this weather, if you're going more than on the Interstate or 191, your really risking your property and your life, not to mention the people around you," Powell said.

TxDOT has a few tips that many drivers aren't aware of when driving in this wintry weather.

"Don't slam on your brakes, use cruise control, avoid any sudden movement with your vehicle, make sure that you have clear visibility from your windshield, make sure your car's maintained right, that you have good brakes and you have good tires, all those kinds of things will help you navigate in this if you have to," Powell said.

They also advise drivers to not only be aware for your own safety but to take into consideration the safety of others.

"Think about your fellow drivers, you may have four-wheel-drive, you may have a vehicle that you're comfortable with driving at 65 but it only takes a small piece of ice on the road for you to lose control. So respect the conditions, respect other drivers and slow down," Powell said.

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