Midland Man Sentenced For Child Pornography

Midland Man Sentenced For Child Pornography

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - More than 2,000 images and videos of child pornography were found on multiple devices belonging to 22-year-old Brett Schaffer in August. Children as young as the age of two could be seen in the photographs, and videos of boys being forced to urinate on themselves were also found.

Schaffer plead guilty to the charges, admitting that he knew what he was doing was wrong, but said he, "never expected someone to come knocking," on his door. He told investigators that he, "had become 'bored' with 'regular' pornography and that child pornography piqued his interest."

Prosecutors tried to sentence him to 11-14 years in prison due to the amount of images and video he had, as well as the ages of the victims.

However, the defense had other plans. According to documents, they argued that because Schaffer is young, has no criminal background, and took special education classes in high school, he should serve a less amount of time in prison and be sentenced to probation.

The court received 50 pages of his school records from Midland High School. According to the defense, it was established that Schaffer "lacks insight, has low/average intellectual functioning, and has difficulty processing information."

However, prosecutors noted that in the school records, Schaffer "expressed as his dream or goal for the future 'to become a children's pastor.'"

The U.S. Attorney went on to argue that that should concern the court because Schaffer is actively seeking an opportunity to be in the position of trust with access to young children. Even though the other side says there is no evidence "to indicate Schaffer had any inappropriate physical contact with minor children."

In the end, the judge did not issue probation as suggested by the defense. Schaffer was sentenced to nine years in federal prison and will have to register as a sex offender.