Two Natural Gas Pipelines Headed to West Texas

Two Natural Gas Pipelines Headed to West Texas

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Two natural gas pipelines are headed to West Texas.

The Comanche Trail Pipeline will run from Waha to San Elizario, just South of El Paso. The Transpecos pipeline will run from Waha to Presidio.

Energy Transfer Partners out of Dallas won both contracts.

"We can deliver gas down into Mexico to help them increase the natural gas that they need to use in order to power their power plants to produce electricity," Vicki Anderson Granado of the Granado Communications Group and Media Relations for Energy Transfer Partners, said.

The company says the projects will create jobs and help the natural gas market. With more crews in the region, it will also fuel the local economy. They will also pay taxes.

"That money is dispersed by the taxing authority in the State of Texas down to the counties. So there will be an annual tax payment and a benefit to those counties from this pipeline," Granado said.

This construction project isn't moving forward without some resistance. Local residents of the Big Bend Conservation Alliance say this pipeline will ruin the beauty of the Big Bend region.

"It's bad news for the Big Bend," Richard Mark Glover, Co-Founder of the Big Bend Conservation Alliance, said.

Glover says the pipeline will change the way of living in Big Bend.

"It's not gonna be the slow, easy-to-go, nice highway routes. It's gonna be a bustle. There's gonna be trucks coming in servicing," Glover said.

"It's really going to test us on the traffic. It's gonna test us on the noise, the lights. Let's don't even think about a pipeline spill or explosion," he added.

Glover says the cause to prevent the pipeline construction is even backed by some oil & gas companies. They're afraid a project like this will dull the dark skies region.

"It's not good. It's one of the few places in Texas where people can still go and see the magnificence of our state. I'm afraid those days are limited unless we do something," Glover said.

Energy Transfer Partners says they are negotiating with landowners along the Transpecos Pipeline about volunteering their easements.

They are still processing details for the Comanche Trail Pipeline.

The company predicts both pipelines to be in full operation by 2017.