Recently Opened Gun Store in Midland Selling Automatic Weapons, Silencers

Recently Opened Gun Store in Midland Selling Automatic Weapons, Silencers

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midlanders can now purchase silencers and automatic weapons through a newly opened store called SK Arms but the process necessary to purchase these weapons is not that easy.

Danny Anderson, the Assistant Manager of SK Arms in Midland, said, "It is a big misconception among the public that suppressors and machine guns are just flat out illegal. The reason is because in 1986, they passed the Firearms Owner's Protection Act, and part of that is that they made any newly manufactured machine guns illegal."

To purchase automatic weapons and silencers the National Firearms Act (NFA) requires you to submit an application to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) that can take four to six months to process. You must also provide fingerprints, identification and a signature from a chief law enforcement officer.

"Silencers, short-barreled rifles and machine guns are all regulated by the NFA. It basically says that you can possess those items, only after filling out some paperwork for the ATF and the biggest part is paying a $200 tax.," Anderson said. 

Also, you can't have any felonies, have received any drug charges (even if they are a misdemeanor), been arrested for domestic violence or have been admitted into a mental asylum to purchase these weapons.

"It's pretty much the same background check you go through to purchase a handgun. So if you don't get approved when you buy a handgun, your not going to get approved to buy a suppressor," Anderson said.

A more secure way to purchase automatic weapons and silencers is to set up a trust with a lawyer, so that if the holder of the NFA weapon was to pass away, the item is easily transferable without having to repay the $200 tax. 

"You can own machine guns, they just have to be manufactured and registered before 1986. So all the cool new stuff you can't get, but you can still find older stuff like, M16's, MP5's but you're looking at spending a good bit of money, usually in the $20,000 range," Anderson said.

For more information on SK Arms and their gun inventory, you can visit them on-line at