Andrews ISD Becoming Technology Savvy in the Classroom

Andrews ISD Becoming Technology Savvy in the Classroom

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS: Andrews ISD has become technology savvy in their classrooms. The district said it gets their students excited to learn.

"It makes their day so much faster. They're having fun! That's what they're used to. That's what they're using at home and so they're using this to help them learn and they don't even know," Lizett Monteya, a 3rd grade teacher at Devonian Elementary, said.

The school district uses what's called a one to one program. Meaning each student either has an iPad or a laptop, bringing technology into the classroom every single day. Andrews has been using this method for about four years now but they've implemented new programs and apps along the way.

"It's made things a lot easier. It's more entertaining for the children to keep them focused. The kids love being on the computers all the time," Christy Cabrera, a 3rd grade teacher at Devonian Elementary, said.

At Devonian Elementary, each teacher has an iPad that can control each students iPad. The teachers device receives the work each child has done in different programs. That helps teachers review where a student might need more help or where they're excelling.

"With the technology we're able to get more in depth assessments in a time saving manner. It let's us know what their strengths and weaknesses are and we're able to specify instructions to meet their needs," Monteya said.

The programs are interactive, used daily and the kids love it.

"When they see a paper in front of them they say ah can we go back to the iPad and use that instead," Cabrera said.

Teachers said it's not only an important tool for the classroom but for the students future.

"Technology is big in the world so I think it's very beneficial," Cabrera added.