Icy Weather Keeps Tow Truck Drivers Busy

Icy Weather Keeps Tow Truck Drivers Busy

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa Police responded to more than 33 crashes since midnight on Monday, so it's no secret that many crews were busy. "Yeah I'm about to pull up right now," Chad Losiewski said over the phone. He was in the middle of his fifth and sixth call of the day after waking up at four in the morning for a call about a rollover.

"Got that taken care of and got to sleep for about 40 minutes and got called back out," Losiewski said. "It's been like that ever since."

It's days like this that schools and city offices shut down to urge drivers to stay off the roads, but it's also days like this that keep Crash Masters Towing busy.

"Get out and it's cold, and yep, you figure it's going to be a busy day and get yourself ready for it, really," Losiewski explained.

With sleet and ice hitting the West Texas roads, officials have worked dozens of crashes throughout the basin. TxDOT crews are also working around the clock to keep the roads and overpasses clear of ice. But it's not just the accidents and vehicles losing control that keep the trucks busy, sometimes cars just won't start.

"Alright, well let's have some fun," Losiewski said to a customer.

It can sometimes take hours for each call to be completed--loading and unloading, picking up and dropping off--and when the last load of the day is completed, it's finally time to catch up on some sleep.

"Pretty much it, we'll see what comes up next," Losiewski said.