Fit Pole Brings New Fitness Option to Midland

Fit Pole Brings New Fitness Option to Midland

By: Audrey Castoreno

MIDLAND - When looking from the outside you may make your assumptions, but don't get it confused. Once inside fit pole it's all business. Fit pole started in El Paso five years ago but was looking to move to a city that was in need of a different kind of fitness option.

"I wanted to expand to a city that it wasn't challenging because there wasn't one there, and midland was on the top of that list," Fit Pole, Owner, Shaka Spagnoletti, said.

The classes are way more than just spinning around on a pole. There's a history and technique to their workouts. "Pole fitness actually started in China. The original name is Chinese Poles, so it's really gymnastics on a ventricle plane," Spangnoletti, said.

Fit pole coach, Shaka Spagnoletti, wants to make sure there is no confusion between pole fitness and a pole dancing studio. "We're concentrating on all the major and minor muscle groups. And we're also giving you flexibility, endurance, strength training, and coordination all in one. So there's zero confusion," Spagnoletti, said. The women who do try the class can vouch for it's intensity.

"Way more about fitness! There's nothing about sexuality about it at all," student, Crystal Sanchez said.

"We're not just grinding on a pole. It's way more than that. It's no joke," student, Kim Felts said.

Crystal and Kim say they were turned on to the new fitness option after getting nowhere with their old fashioned gym routines.

"I tried going to the gym a lot of times and I go for a day and then I stop because it's boring, but here it's not boring. It's fun," Sanchez, said.

"It's definitely something that's challenging and takes coordination, and something to work towards besides just running on a treadmill," Felts, said.

Shaka says that's who they are trying to target. The everyday woman looking for something new to get them into shape. And despite what some may still consider taboo subject. Shaka says Fit Pole will continue to offer a professional workout environment for Midland.

"You are always going to have the naysayers. No matter what you do. We know exactly what we stand for, and you know if you would like to give it a try come and open your mind, open new avenues to work outs," Spagnoletti, said.

"Just do it! You'll be completely surprised. It's not a joke. It's definitely something that is going to get you fit and fit fast," Felts, said.