Winter Weather Creates Dangerous Road Conditions

Winter Weather Creates Dangerous Road Conditions

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

Temperatures didn't make it above freezing on Monday which created some dangerous road conditions across the Basin. Since Sunday, there have been over 30 accidents just in Odessa. TXDOT is warning drivers, don't drive if you don't have to.

"They're slick and icy," Paul Lopez, a local driver, said.

"Icy! Very, very icy," Sylvia Lopez, another local driver, said.

Slick and frozen roads across the Permian Basin. TXDOT has been working around the clock. Their crews are out in 12 hour shifts treating the roads with brine.

"We've actually been pre-treating some roads since Friday. We're treating overpasses. We're treating I-10, I-20, the loops. We're down in Ft. Stockton through Crane County, we're all over the place trying to treat as much as we can," Gene Powell with TXDOT, said.

Drivers NewsWest 9 spoke to said the roads are dangerous. Their reminding everyone to be safe and respectful of other vehicles.

"Drive slow. Take your time. Don't rush it," Paul said.

"Keep your distance from other vehicles. Make sure your windshields are clean and you can see other vehicles. Watch out for the other guy," Donald Clasen, a local driver, said.

Temperatures are expected to warm up some on Tuesday. But TxDot said to be very cautious on the roads when you're making your way to work or school. It's still expected to be icy due to inactivity on the streets overnight.

"We'll work through the night. If there is anymore precipitation, we'll have crews on standby to treat if necessary," Powell said.

For Monday night, the best thing to do is stay inside and off the roads.

"If you can stay home," Paul said.

"Stay off of them. If you slip or swerve of the roads that means go home," Sylvia said.