SPECIAL REPORT: An Inside Look at The Big Bend Brewing Company

SPECIAL REPORT: An Inside Look at The Big Bend Brewing Company

By Audrey Castoreno

NewsWest 9

ALPINE - When driving out to far West Texas, there are a number of wonders to take in. However, if you blink, you may miss a West Texas gem.

The Big Bend Brewing company sits just outside of downtown Alpine. Established in 2012 by four partners who decided to take a chance on their idea.

"We looked at the region. This is a great beer drinking area, lots of tourists and a lot of good people here. It deserves a brewery and there was nothing anywhere near here brewing wise," Big Bend Brewing Company Head Brewer, Steve Anderson, said.

So they ran with it. Opening their 30 barrel Brewhouse that is quickly expanding in product and uniqueness.

"We are the most remote brewery in relation to any other brewery in the entire nation including Alaska and Hawaii. We have people from all over the world that come out here," Anderson said.

The brew crew of about eleven says it takes a lot to craft a perfect glass of West Texas. The process a meticulous one that requires some science in the mixology.

"A brew day is about 8-10 hours from beginning to end. Then it takes about 24 hours for the yeast to grow. Then we rest it about 7-10 days," Anderson said.

By the time it goes through fermenting to the bright tank, it takes about two to three weeks to make any of their five different styles of beer. Then it goes through the canning process where the "beer out here" is becoming a household name.

The brewery just expanded in July, helping them to move out of the Big Bend Region. That has also pushed them to max out their canning process. Their crew pushing out about 600 cases of beer in a day. A huge feat for a brewery of their size.

The demand for their unique product is there and so is the opportunity for more growth.

"I think people across the state, they get it. There's a great romance to this area. It's a beautiful part of the country. People love it here and I think that's one of our best selling points is that we are the "beer from out here," Anderson said.

So whether you are way out west, the piney woods of the east, down on the Gulf Coast or even in the Plains of the Lone Star State. You could soon have a bit of West Texas chilled to perfection.