Odessa Church Van Stolen in Broad Daylight

Odessa Church Van Stolen in Broad Daylight

By Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Authorities are seeing a rise in theft and the latest victim is the Teen Flow Youth Ministry of Odessa. They're searching for their van that was stolen last week right before their eyes.

"In fact, my wife actually when she had come outside of the ministry building she saw the man driving off and thought I was playing a prank on her," Will Sherman, Director of the Ministry, said.

But it wasn't a prank and now the Teen Flow Ministry is without their van they had bought just days before.

"We've had this van for a week," Sherman said.

It happened quickly. The Director of the Ministry and his wife made a quick stop. While they inside, the robber took his chance. Sherman thinks someone may have been watching them and waiting for an opportunity.

"A gentleman had apparently been watching her actions and walked up next to the van, looked inside of it, saw it was running and jumped in and drove off," Sherman said.

Thankfully, there were no teens inside the van when the thief drove away in it. The Youth Ministry was planning to use it to pick up and drop off students they reach out to.

"We were pretty devastated. It's definitely been a heartache," Sherman said.

The Teen Flow Ministry Director says the van thief won't stop them from spreading their word but they want others to learn from what happened to them.

"Just be careful out there. There's a lot of people that are desperate in this time where there's layoffs going on. Don't leave your vehicle unattended. Praise God our kids weren't in there," Sherman said.

The van that was stolen from the Ministry is a 2011 dark grey Toyota Sienna with the license plate number 63C7373. If you know information on this robbery, you're urged to contact authorities.

To learn more on the Teen Flow Youth Ministry of Odessa or Midland just visit www.teenflow.com.