Oil Industry Slowing Down, Hotel Construction Continues

Oil Industry Slowing Down, Hotel Construction Continues

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND -  Even thought the oil industry has slowed down in recent months, private outside hotel companies still see a need to invest in Midland's future.

"What we see in the supply and demand is these groups are coming in and needing a full service restaurant and close proximity to a meeting place like our Midland Center," Sarah Marston, Communication/Sales Manager for the Midland Convention and Visitors Bureau, said.

Marston says major groups like the Association of Texas Judges and the Association of Geologists convene in Midland which increases the need for more hotel space.

"We book these events years out. We are already looking at 2017 and yes, we need a new hotel. We can book it with our associations and our conferences," Marston said.

In 2013, visitors spent over $5 million in Midland, that includes hotel rooms to restaurants in town. Outside investors such as the new Hotel Fuel will open later this year inside the Western United Life Building in Midland. Midland Mayor Jerry Morales couldn't be happier.

"Property owners downtown have invested over $100 million into their buildings. That a substantial investment into this downtown. Hotel Fuel sees something and we are excited they are excited about building here," Morales said.

Conventions come to all parts of Midland, not just downtown. Hotels won't slow down just because the oil industry has.  

"More hotel rooms, restaurants, fitness centers, conference rooms, ball rooms and of course office space. So we are excited about some of these projects coming fruition," Morales said.