Midland Police Seeing An Increase of Counterfeit Bills

Midland Police Seeing An Increase of Counterfeit Bills

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - An increase in the circulation of counterfeit cash has caused Midland Police to advise residents and small businesses to be more aware.

Sgt. Chris Lummus of the Midland Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit, said,"Since about the beginning of December, we've seen a pretty big increase on the use of counterfeit bills particularly fives and tens. The majority are passed at small businesses or convenient stores."

Midland Police mentioned the easiest ways businesses can detect counterfeit bills.

"One of the easiest things I've found to so is to look for the strip that runs vertically on these bills, also see the watermark on one side of the president so to look for that. Also just the feel, the print, if it looks smudged, it's probably a fake because our money is really finely printed," Lummus said.

Making fake bills has gotten even easier with the advance in technology.

"It's getting easier and easier with technology, these were probably made with a home computer," Lummus said.

Those who create the counterfeit bills could be looking at a lot of jail time.

"It's a third degree felony, so you're looking at least two to ten years in prison," Lummus said. 

The Midland Police Department has advice for businesses so that they can quickly and efficiently detect counterfeit cash.

"Slow down when you're taking money that people are passing. Be suspicious of people that are buying a coke with a $50 or a $20 bill. Or if somebody's paying for a large purchase with a lot of fives and tens, slow down look at those bills because that's what's happening," Lummus said. 

Individuals or small businesses in the Midland area who believe they've received counterfeit cash are encouraged to call the Midland Police Department at 432-685-7108.