Midland Police Warning Residents About Counterfeit Bills

Midland Police Warning Residents About Counterfeit Bills

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND – Police are warning residents about an increase in the circulation of counterfeit money throughout the city.

According to a report, since December 2014, Midland Police has received numerous reports of fake bills being used by patrons at small businesses.

We're told the counterfeit money includes mostly $5 and $10 bills with some reports of larger bills.

Officials say the suspects appear to be targeting businesses such as convenience stores, laundromats and car washes.

Midland Police are reminding citizens and business owners about the security features on U.S. currency and that counterfeit marking pens are not 100 percent accurate.

For more information on the security features, click here.

Any individuals who believe they've received counterfeit money can contact Midland Police at (432) 685-7108 to verify the authenticity of the bills.