Friends of Motorcycle Crash Victim Speak Out, Urge Caution on the Roads

Friends of Motorcycle Crash Victim Speak Out, Urge Caution on the Roads

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - There's an unfinished project in Mike Folk's garage. It's a '77 Camaro that he's been working on with Jim Bryan for the last seven months. "We built this car, me and him, and we'll never get rid of it," Folk said.

On Sunday night, Jim was killed in a crash while riding his motorcycle on North County Road West and University. According to the report, his Harley ran into the back of an SUV.

"And I realize he hit them and I realize that, but something I don't understand because he was good on that bike. I don't know what went on, and probably will never know, but it happens," Folk said.

To Folk, it's another friend who has lost their life on the dangerous roads, including two of his cousins and his wife. He says with more motorcycles on the roads now than there were five years ago, he wishes there were more warnings to watch out for bikes.

"It's just getting worse. I wouldn't know how to fix it, you know. It's something they're going to have to come up with and I don't know how," Folk said. "I'd give anything in the world to fix it if I could."

Mike says Jim loved riding his Harley more than anything.

"It's just something that catches people. And some people, it gets in their blood, some people it don't. And he was one of those, if he wasn't riding, he wasn't happy," Folk said.

The two spent hours in the garage fixing up the car, a hobby the two picked up long ago. Folk says he will now finish the project in honor of Jim.

"We had a good time and it was a lot of good memories, and he's just somebody you can't replace," Folk said.