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Permian Basin Boys and Girls Club Needs Donations or Programs Will Be Cut

by Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The Boys and Girls Club of the Permian Basin always needs donations. However, with the current downturn of the oil industry, donations are needed more than ever.

On average, about 400 kids every day come to the Boys and Girls Club of the Permian Basin. There are two locations in Midland and two locations in Odessa. An increase of kids has increased the need for donations.

"When there's more kids here, there's a greater need and it's harder to get donations. We understand that but it's still a challenge," David Chancellor, Director of Boys and Girls Club of the Permian Basin, said.

Because oil companies are suffering right now, the club is suffering too. Much needed donations are not coming in to help out with cost. Eventually, staff and programs may have to be cut.

"A lot of donors who are generous do what they can. They recently are cutting us sometimes in half. We've seen that since December," Chancellor said.

Chancellor says they already are scaling back on their budget. If this continues, the art program will be the first to go.  Any extra money the club gets goes to improving the four locations.

"We try to fix our facilities. We spend a lot of money during the good days repairing them and now we have facilities that are in good shape for awhile," Chancellor said.

A lot of the kids that come into the club are children of oil workers who are being laid off. Chancellor says taking care of kids now will hopefully prevent them from getting in trouble when they get older.

"Our goal is to provide preventative services for these kids. A positive place, a fun place, a safe place, so we're not trying to intervene in their lives later on," Chancellor said.

If you would like to donate or volunteer, you can call the club at 432-337-8389.
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