Love Letters From Around the World Flooding in to Valentine, Texas

Love Letters From Around the World Flooding in to Valentine, Texas

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

VALENTINE - For Valentine's Day many send chocolate, flowers and maybe a little bling. But sending love letters through Valentine, Texas, is a popular choice to stamp your love from all over the world.

People from all over the world send their love letters through Valentine, Texas, just to get the famous pictorial cancellation stamp on the envelopes before they arrive at their final destination.

It's a stamp collector's dream and a lovebird's tradition sending Valentine's Day cards through Valentine, Texas. The postmaster says letters start flooding in by mid-January.

"We've gotten more this year than we did at this time last year," Postmaster of the Valentine Post Office, Leslie Williams, said.

Valentine's Day 2014 reeled in just over 10,000 love letters sent in from over 20 countries worldwide.

"Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Japan, U.K., India, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Russia," Williams said.

The custom design comes from the minds of the middle school and high school students in the Valentine School District. Senior Enrique Navarrette won the contest this year.

"That's the post office and [the donkey is] tied to the love station post," Navarrette said. "I just thought I'd put in the landscape because it's pretty. I put the donkey just for fun," he added.

If you forgot to send a card this year, not to worry. You can still send it in to Valentine to get the famous cancellation stamp until March 14.

NewsWest 9 asked Williams if she ever gets a break amid the Valentine's Day chaos and she replied, "Well, not until after Valentine's Day."