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Midland Man Arrested For Trying to Use Fake $50 Bill

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MIDLAND - A Midland man was arrested for trying to use a fake $50 bill.

However, the cashier who he gave it to used it as an opportunity to make some money of her own.

Antonio Munoz went into the nice and clean laundromat off of Midkiff.

The report says he asked the cashier for change for a $50 bill.

She discovered the bill was fake.

According to the report, the cashier claims she didn't give him the change and Munoz threatened her with gun demanding all the cash in the register.

However, when police looked at surveillance video, the report says the cashier did give him change and he left.

But she pocketed the money in the register and called in the fake robbery.

No word on what charges he's facing or what charges the cashier might face.

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