Sean Smith Found Not Guilty in the Big Spring Murder of Carlos Guerrero

Sean Smith Found Not Guilty in the Big Spring Murder of Carlos Guerrero

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Not guilty, that was the verdict in the murder trial of Sean Thomas Smith, that ended on Thursday.

Smith was accused of killing Carlos Guerrero, nearly a year and a half ago, claiming it was self-defense.

The family of Carlos Guerrero is deeply saddened by the verdict.

The victims mother, Lydia Guerrero, says, "I'm upset, they let a killer go walk free, and you know what, it's going to happen again."

The Guerrero family feels that with the verdict, their son didn't receive proper justice.

"I lost my son. They still got their son, he had no right shooting him," Lydia Guerrero said.

His father, Richard Guerrero, agreed, stating, "He shot him in his own front yard, in front of his daughter and he was unarmed."

The jury unanimously voted not guilty based on Smith acting in self-defense but Richard Guerrero believes that they made the wrong decision. 

"They had enough state evidence to prove that he (Smith) was guilty, I don't know why the jury went that way," Richard Guerrero said.

After the trial, the Smith family quickly exited the courtroom and did not want to comment. But the Howard County District Attorney, Hardy Wilkerson, made a brief statement on behalf of the verdict.

"We were grateful to have the opportunity to try the case, we felt it was fully tried and both sides had their say so. Obviously, there's some disappointment with the verdict, but if 12 folks in Howard County feel that this was self-defense, we're not going to quivel with their verdict," Wilkerson said.

Carlos Guerrero leaves behind a three-year-old daughter, and for her sake, the Guerrero's are devastated that the trial ended this way. 

"We obviously send out condolences on their loss. We try to speak for those who can't speak for themselves anymore and we felt like we had the chance to do that today," Wilkerson said.