State Representative Craddick Pushing for Texting While Driving Ban

State Representative Craddick Pushing for Texting While Driving Ban

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - All it takes is five seconds. There are constant reminders of deadly accidents scattered on our roadways--crosses with flowers and names of loved ones. It's no secret that more and more people are killed while driving as our population grows, and one of the biggest reasons is that there seems to be more and more distractions.

"It's eight times more dangerous to text and drive than it is to drive while being drunk," State Representative Tom Craddick said.

Craddick says that there are distracted driving laws already in the books but they don't cover texting. That's why he's been trying to pass a statewide law against the habit for the last four years, and it's his third time ever bringing the bill to the house. Former Governor Rick Perry vetoed the bill the first time, and it never even made it to his office the second. We may not know the fate of the bill until May, but Craddick says he's not giving up.

"It's just dangerous and you can't go out here and drive down the street, there are people texting and they're weaving all over or they're hitting a curb or they're in the wrong lane," Craddick said.

Forty-four states have already banned texting while driving, saving roughly 17 lives per state, per year.

Craddick says that one in five crashes in the state of Texas are caused by distracted driving, or by taking your eyes off the road for just five seconds.

"You got to have a driver's license to drive, got to have license plates, got to have an inspection sticker, you got to have insurance," Craddick explained. "Why do we have all those? Because of safety reasons, and this bill is really about safety."