Midland College Cuts Ties With CAF Museum

Midland College Cuts Ties With CAF Museum

by Kaiti Firkins
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland College has cut ties with the Commemorative Air Force Museum.

They will no longer fund the museum through state appropriations.

At Tuesday night's board meeting, Midland College officials voted to not give more than $320,000 to the CAF Museum.

Each year, Midland College helped fund the museum through the allocation of state funds.

But after the CAF voted to relocate their headquarters, questions were raised on whether giving the money to them would violate the state's education code.

Back in May, the board discussed ending the funding at the end of 2015 and on Tuesday night they made it official.

"This will be the end of any relationship that Midland College would have with the Heritage Museum from the State Appropriations standpoint," Midland College President, Steve Thomas, said.

Thomas didn't give a reason on why the college decided to pull the funding but the headquarters for the museum moved to Dallas last year.

Representative Tom Craddick had threatened to cut all state funding if they moved.