Autopsy: No Trauma Found in Midland Baby's Death

Autopsy: No Trauma Found in Midland Baby's Death

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Tragedy struck a Midland family earlier this month. Their baby girl was found dead inside their home.

A family member claimed the child died at the hands of abuse. Tonight, we have the autopsy results and answers.

NewsWest 9 spoke exclusively to the baby's uncle who clears the air for us.

Malellani Inna Fuentez was found dead by her parents one week ago Tuesday. Contrary to allegations made by her grandmother, who says the baby was abused, the preliminary autopsy results confirm what Midland Police reported that day. The baby died of natural causes. Of pulmonary edema, an abnormal buildup of fluid in the lungs. No trauma was found.

"The baby fell, she was hit. She was beaten and her mom didn't want to take her to the doctor because they were scared CPS would take her away from them," Grandmother of 2-year-old Malellani Inna Fuentez, Patty Soto, said.

Strong allegations were made by the grandmother of 2-year-old Malellani Inna Fuentez on the same day her granddaughter passed.

"That she had been murdered, basically is what she said. That she had suffered from a horrible life, that she was a subject of domestic violence and things that were really from a horror film. To be able to even fathom how this person that loved this kid so much would be able to destroy this kid's memory, to destroy this kid's last year of life," Malellani's Great Uncle, Luis Gomez, said.

Those allegations surfaced before an autopsy report was released.

Tuesday, the Midland County Medical Examiner confirmed that Malellani died from natural causes.

"It just destroyed her life. Destroyed her final days on Earth, which for us just should have been filled with remembering the good times. Instead, we were trying to see how we could ever be caught up in this storm we were caught in," Gomez said.

Once these allegations surfaced, Gomez says the memorial for their loved one wasn't a gathering to rejoice her short, but wonderful life. Instead, it was like hitting a brick wall of cold shoulders.

"We really needed the support of our neighbor. We really needed a shoulder to cry on. Someone, something, anything to lean on, and all we found were backs facing us," Gomez said.

The family says Child Protective Services investigated the abuse allegations but never found proof.

"What I witnessed, the only thing that my family and I witnessed was the all-american family that's just loving on each other," Gomez said.

For the sake of Malellani, the family wishes to finally be done with this nightmare and for all to remember her not as a victim of false allegations, but as a child who was always the root of happiness and joy for her two years on Earth.

Malellani's mother wishes to extend her thanks to those who supported the family during this difficult time.