Woman Killed in Home Explosion in Midland County

Woman Killed in Home Explosion in Midland County


y Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - "It was popping already," that's what 10-year-old Breanna said she remembers hearing after she saw flames coming from her neighbor's home. "I was over here and I was getting some stuff and when I walked out I just saw the fire and I told them to call the cops," Breanna explained.

"She ran and that's when she saw the fire and that's when she told my oldest daughter to call the fire department because the little house was on fire," Connie Flores, her grandmother, said.

Just before 5 p.m. Monday night, 911 calls flooded Midland dispatchers as a mobile home on South County Road 1136 became completely engulfed in flames, killing 58-year-old Sherrie Lynn Morris.

"Officers arrived on the scene, fire department arrived started knocking the fire out, shortly [after] the husband of one of the owner's of the trailer showed up on the scene and advised that his wife may be inside," Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said.

The fire also spread to a nearby home, causing damage to the outside walls, but officials say the trailer is a complete loss.

Neighbors say they didn't know Morris well but knew she had been sick and often saw ambulances down the street.

"The best that we can find out right now is that she was a lady that was on oxygen, and the explosion is believed to come from the oxygen tank," Sheriff Painter said.

It is believed the oxygen tank exploded because of a fire. Officials are still investigating what caused the initial fire to start.