Animal Control Investigating Possible Horse Neglect in Ector County

Animal Control Investigating Possible Horse Neglect in Ector County

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY: Residents in one West Odessa neighborhood are speaking out after they say they have to witness horses living in horrible conditions every day. On Monday, NewsWest 9 got Animal Control involved and now they're investigating as a possible animal neglect case.

"The horses aren't injured yet but the seriousness of it is all of the junk that is around here," Cheryl Brom, an Ector County Animal Control Officer, said.

NewsWest 9 first learned about the poor living conditions after neighbors posted photos on Facebook. They claimed the horses were living with debris and eating cardboard.

"If you can't take care of them, don't buy them," a neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

The neighbor said the horses have been surrounded by a mound of old carpet and junk for awhile now off of  25th Street in West Odessa.

"If they got that yard cleaned up, I still don't think there will be room for the animals," the neighbor said.

So NewsWest 9 went to take a look for ourselves and then we called Animal Control to the scene.

"You can't put them in a yard and just leave them there and especially when the yard looks like this," Brom said.

Brom said that thankfully the horses look healthy. But she said their poor living conditions can be very dangerous.

"They could get tangled in here. They could get scared and run and scrape their legs," Brom said.

There's now an open investigation into the owners of the horses. Brom said they will be asked to clean up the backyard or the animals could be seized.

"Sticking the animals in a junk yard isn't the way it should be for these horses," Brom said.

The owners have 48 hours to get into contact with Animal Control.