Woman Claims Teacher was "Catfished" by Teenage Girls

Woman Claims Teacher was "Catfished" by Teenage Girls

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - On Thursday, NewsWest 9 brought you a story about allegations of a student-teacher relationship being investigated at Andrews High School. Now, some sources are saying it was all a setup. "I just want to set the story straight--this teacher at Andrews High School is completely innocent," a woman, who wanted to remain anonymous said.

The woman is claiming this was a high school crush taken too far. Andrews Police confirmed that DPS and Texas Rangers were investigating these allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student. Andrews school district released a statement saying in part, "regarding any alleged investigation surrounding any student and any teacher at AISD [...] they would work openly and cooperate fully with local authorities.

The teacher who is being investigated has not been named and an arrest has not been made, but sources tell us that word has already spread quickly.

"It's all over high school who this teacher is, it's all over high school. People are making rumors that this has happened, this has happened, and none of it is true. None of it," the woman said.

The source says that two female students created fake Instagram and Snapchat accounts to contact the teacher. She claims they knew enough about talking to him at school to be able to bring up his personal life in their conversations, which made him feel like he must have known them. The girls allegedly posed as 21-year-old and 25-year-old women and used fake pictures from the Internet.

"Everyday it is getting worse and everyday this young man's future is being destroyed over girls that have a crush on a young teacher," she said.

The source also denies any allegations of the teacher meeting up with a student. She says the man under investigation is a dedicated, honest teacher and that the school district is lucky to have him, and she fears this could harm the rest of his career.

"The damage is already done. His family is devastated, his friends are devastated, he is completely devastated. He is a young man with a whole future ahead of him and the truth will come out and everyone will see that he is completely innocent," the woman said.

The allegations are still under investigation and no arrests have been made. Stick with NewsWest 9 as we continue to cover this developing story.