Midland College Grant for Risk Management Institute

Midland College Grant for Risk Management Institute

Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - Midland college was given a $100,000 grant on Friday. It's going to be used to fund their Risk Management Institute, a program provides workplace safety knowledge.

"You have to be trained. Something as simple as where you have your monitor placed at could be the answer to whether you're going to go home or not", said Lonnie Clay, Eneresafe Instructor.

Employers, employees, and the public can all take advantage of the free workplace safety courses the Risk Management Institute provides.

Texas Mutual Insurance backed the program Friday by presenting the $100,000 grant.

"Well we recognize the value in training employees. At a very minimum and regardless of industry type, every employers should be training their employees on safe work practices; make a difference between someone going home to their families or not", said Woody Hill, Vice President of Safety Services at Texas Mutual Insurance.

They are the state's leading provider of workers' compensation insurance. This is the 10th they have given the $100,000 grant to Midland College to help keep the program going.

"It's great because it helps make it easier for employees that can't afford a lot to get their people to the training they need. I mean it's free training", said David Chabak of Lone Star Safety and Training.

This year classes include hazmat training, OSHA training, fall protection, and CPR training.

"This is something most of us are involved with each and every day and it's through these classes that i think everybody is going to profit", said Clay.

If you're interested in taking a class at the Risk Management Institute at Midland College just go to www.midland.edu/rmi