Family Not Losing Hope After Brother's Disappearance Nearly One Year Ago

Family Not Losing Hope After Brother's Disappearance Nearly One Year Ago

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

OJINAGA - It's approaching one year since a Lovington family has heard from their brother. The last they heard, he was at a bar in Ojinaga, Mexico. Now, the family just wants closure.

"It's been very sad. You know? We just want closure," Sarah, a family member of Becerra, said.

57-year-old Adan Flores Becerra has a ranch in Lomas de Arena, across the border from Van Horn. He would take daily trips to Ojinaga as he had a girlfriend there.

Monday, February 17, 2014, was the last time his family heard from him.

"He said he was OK. I wish I would have talked to him longer. That way maybe I would have picked up a clue that something was gonna happen to him," Sarah said.

His family member, who did not wish to speak on camera, said she was the one to speak with Becerra over the phone that day. This was their daily routine, to check on each other. She recalls him saying he was at the bar "Montezuma" having a drink.

"When I go through the conversation, he kind of sounded distraught," Sarah said.

What doesn't make sense to family is that Becerra always carried two extra cell phone batteries just in case. They also say his avocado-colored 1995 Ford F-150 was last spotted outside of his girlfriend's house. That has disappeared as well, leaving many questions but no answers.

"We have come up with a lot of theories but they all end up the same. Back where we started. We just can't put anything together," Sarah said.

But a glimpse of hope struck the family just three weeks ago. It was a phone call from an Odessa detective saying he found a body that matched one very distinctive characteristic of Becerra, a broken leg.

"It was his broken leg. He had a limp," Sarah said.

Nothing else has surfaced from the investigation.

NewsWest 9 called Mexican authorities for an update and are waiting to hear back.

"I'm not gonna give up. No. I'm gonna find my brother. I'm not gonna give up," Sarah said.

If you have any information on Becerra's disappearance, please call Mexican authorities or the family at 575-390-9809. They say no piece of information is too small.