Residents Given Opportunity For Tomorrow's Look

Residents Given Opportunity For Tomorrow's Look

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ ODESSA - Midland and Odessa are two very different cities with one similar goal. They want to make their cities better for future generations and they're asking for residents to give ideas.

"The best way to get a feel for where we need to go is from our citizens who live here and who know what they want from their community," Midland's Public Information Officer, Sara Bustilloz, said.

"We do want our citizen input. Our citizens are our experts. We are going to rely on them to tell us what they want to see and what they want in their neighborhoods and in their city," Odessa's Development Services Manager, Vanessa Shrauner, said

Midland has just launched Tall City Tomorrow, which is a way for Midlanders to go online and voice their opinion on where they would like the city to go. Four different community workshops are also scheduled next week to reach more citizens face to face.

"Anytime we communicate with the public, we want it to be multi-layers so we can reach out to different people or maybe the same person in different ways," Bustilloz said

Odessa has a similar website link, which is called Envision Odessa, an in depth way for citizens to voice their ideas. Workshops were held last year for residents. A few more are expected in 2015. All to make Odessa a place people want to work and live.

"A place where they want to raise their kids and where they want their grandkids to be. It will be an attractive place planned out by their forefathers," Shrauner said.

Both surveys are easy to use and can be found on the city's websites.

The workshops for Odessa will be at a later notice, the workshops for Midland can be found on the city website at You can also visit the City of Odessa online at