Witness: FBI Agent Shot Himself During Odessa Raid

Witness: FBI Agent Shot Himself During Odessa Raid

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - We've uncovered more details about an FBI agent injured during a raid in Odessa on Tuesday.

It all went down when the FBI, Odessa Police, State Troopers and Homeland Security went to several locations with arrest and search warrants.

We've now confirmed one location they raided was the home of Lester Starling, the man who was murdered at the Zodiac Night Club in January.

His family says the FBI agents arrived with their guns drawn and one of them accidentally shot himself in the foot.

"There's blood all down through here from the trail that he left. Traumatizing my nieces and nephews and, you know, my family. Any one of us could have been shot," Shawn Harris, who witnessed the shooting, said.

NewsWest 9 has contacted the FBI about the accidental shooting. They say the agent's injuries are non-life threatening and they did arrest multiple people on drug charges during their raid on Tuesday.