House Proposes Bill to Create an Additional Court in Ector County

House Proposes Bill to Create an Additional Court in Ector County

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Currently, Ector County courts are overloaded with cases which has made it difficult for the court to follow through with the 6th amendment, a right to a speedy trial.

If House Bill 1080 is passed, Ector County courts hope to move cases through the docket more quickly and efficiently.

State Representative, Brooks Landgraf of District 81 said, "I decided to file this bill that would create a new district court in Ector County because I was approached by some other judges and local county officials who expressed a need for an additional court because of our increasingly crowded dockets."

Over the years, the courts have been overwhelmed by an increase of indicted cases that have come from the district attorneys office, giving Ector County judges an even larger case load.

"All Americans are entitled to a speedy trial and we do as good of a job as possible with that but sometimes when the resources are limited, there are some delays. By adding a new court, we can lessen that docket burden and allow justice to prevail in a more swift fashion," Landgraf said.

If passed, officials plan to use space within the courthouse to make room for the additional court so that construction wont be needed.

"I will move forward with this bill, only with the understanding that the current Ector County Courthouse will be able to accommodate a new court, so no new construction will be necessary for this to move forward," Landgraf said.

Landgraf also says that the bill is supported in all quarters of Ector County and that judges and officials are excited about this possibility of a new court.

"We haven't created a new district court in approximately 30 years in Ector County. So the creation of this court would alleviate the burdens of these dockets our judges are seeing right now and do it without building a new facility. It's an efficient way to better serve the people and to bring justice in Ector County," Landgraf said.

The bill could take until April or May to pass through legislature but the Landgraf says that if passed we can see the new court open as early as September first.