Mail Stolen From Odessa Neighborhood in Broad Daylight

Mail Stolen From Odessa Neighborhood in Broad Daylight

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA: Imagine coming home to an empty mailbox. That might sound nice until you realize your mail with potentially important information was stolen. That's exactly what happened in one Odessa neighborhood.

"We were notified by a neighbor that they had seen someone stealing mail out of the mailboxes," a victim said.

Residents NewsWest 9 spoke with off of Mecca Street in Odessa wanted to remain anonymous. But they say their mailboxes were tampered with last week in broad daylight.

"It's frustrating because if you're not home to check it when it gets here then you're not sure what's missing or what's being taken," another resident said.

With it being tax season, victims are worried about what might have been stolen.

"If you've got credit card information or W-2's coming from your employer or anything you're going to have identity theft and all kinds of junk," one victim said.

Some residents found a letter inside their mailbox from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service that explained their mail might have been compromised. The warning adds the Postal Service has been made aware that an unidentified person was taking mail from their neighborhood.

"Just to have someone like that, a crook, running in your neighborhood during the middle of the day is kinda scary," a neighbor said.

The letter goes on to say if you think you're a victim, contact the U.S. Postal Inspector, Juan Solis, at 915-545-5195 or file a report at

As for the neighborhood, they hope the thief is caught and that their identity isn't in danger.

"There are personal records that are coming in with information that you don't want other people getting. It's a little scary," a victim said. "It has serious implications for your financial status. Identity could be stolen anything like that!"