Puppy Shot, Found Under Freight Container

Puppy Shot, Found Under Freight Container

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Leila is a 10-week old mutt full of energy and curiosity, but that wasn't the case two weeks ago when a worker found her under a freight container at Longhorn Insulation.

"He knew she was sick and scrawny and emaciated but he hadn't had any time to take her out or play with her or anything, so I was like, 'bring them over here please,'" Arika Sullivan, a foster for West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff said.

She was found with two other puppies who have since been adopted, but Leila was different. The runt of the litter--scrawny, scared, and limping, unable to put any weight on her leg which swelled up to twice its normal size.

"I noticed her leg was all messed up so you know, I gave her a bath and that probably saved her life," Sullivan said.

Within four hours, she was taken to an emergency vet clinic where they found two pellets--one in her leg and the other by her ribs--both causing an infection and a high fever. Sullivan says it's the worst abuse case she has ever personally seen and cried when she found out that this little puppy had likely been shot by a BB gun.

"That's not cool. Shooting puppies is not cool," Sullivan said.

After a few days at the vet and some antibiotics in her system--not to mention plenty of tender, love, and care--Leila is now a feisty, playful puppy, ready to run with the big dogs.

Leila is currently in foster care with West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff and is looking for her forever home. If you would like to donate to the group you can click here.