AT&T Now Offering Unlimited Calling to Mexico For $5 a Month

AT&T Now Offering Unlimited Calling to Mexico For $5 a Month

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

If your daily routine includes making international calls for work or to keep in touch with family in Mexico, you might be used to paying per minute. If you're an AT&T customer, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

This comes just after AT&T acquired the Mexican wireless service provider, Iusacell.

Now, if you're a part of their World Connect Value Plan, you can make unlimited calls to Mexico for just $5 a month.

"A phone call could cost $100 easily. So keeping in touch with family and friends across the border has always been a bit of a challenge," AT&T Corporate Communications Director for Texas, Gabriela Andersson, said.

What was once a set rate per minute on international calls with AT&T is now a thing of the past if you're calling to Mexico.

"Now you can call Mexico to wireless or wireline numbers unlimited, as many times as you want, and you're still paying that five dollars," Andersson said.

This applies to landlines and cell phones on both sides of the border.

If you happen to be a World Connect Value customer now, you automatically inherit these benefits.

With this change, it could potentially save hundreds.

"It's gonna save anybody lots of money. Myself, I'm thinking about traveling internationally and using my cell plan it's pretty expensive to make a call nowadays," Resident, Bobby Lara, said.

For those who rely on international calls to Mexico to keep up with family, this change could mean longer chats and less stress as the minutes pile up.

"For where we're at right now in the oilfields, there's guys from all over the world that need to call home and talk to their families and not spend half their paycheck doing so," Lara said.

"I haven't had any problems because this doesn't affect me but this is much better for those this does affect," another resident said.

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