Underage Driving Could Get Parent In Trouble

Underage Driving Could Get Parent In Trouble

by Justin Kree

ODESSA - Almost every child dreams of the day they can drive their friends around. Not going through the proper drivers training could be a costly mistake.

"They should look out for the fact they are young. They're not mature enough to be behind the wheel. Peer pressure is often times the number one reason they want to drive," Insurance agent at Texas State Low Cost Insurance, Isrmael Carrillo said.

News west 9 was told by authorities that the accident early Sunday morning was a case where 14-year-old Humberto Juarez was driving three underage teens when he crossed the center turn lane and slammed head-on into a truck.

Carrillo says in any case where the driver doesn't have a license, the parents could be at fault.

"Parents could get in trouble. Some of the laws are changing to deal with the circumstances that are happening with young drivers who have no license or insurance. The vehicle most likely will be registered by the parent, therefore they're the ones who will pay at the beginning of a situation," Carrillo said.

Carrillo says he does see parents who care about the safety of their child. A good idea when dealing with heavy costs if you break the law.

"It is getting more common where the parents are coming in asking to be informed and educated. Some times they will even bring their kids with them and say look, this is what it's going to cost me, this is going to be your responsibility," Carrillo said.

Department of public safety urges all parents to review the driving laws for young drivers who might be getting their license. You can go to their website at txdps.state.us/driverlicense