Big Spring Residents Speak Out After Having No Heat for Six Days

Big Spring Residents Speak Out After Having No Heat for Six Days

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Some people who live in an apartment in Big Spring are outraged. They said they've been without heat for six days. They're blaming the owners, the owners are blaming Atmos Energy but Atmos Energy said it's not their fault.

"I just wish that they would hurry up and get our gas turned back on because I'm tired of being sick," Ruby Smith, a resident with no heat, said.

Residents at Northcrest Apartments in Big Spring are searching for answers after a gas line broke six days ago.

"No one has contacted me about anything yet. At all," Gloria Turner, another resident with no heat, said

44 families have been without heat and have no way to cook their food.

"Babies are here. No heat. No way to cook. That's not fair to anyone," Turner said.

On Wednesday morning, the owners bought food and blankets for those without heat. The owners said they're doing everything in their power to fix things but they claim Atmos Energy is part of the problem.

"The bills are paid. Things are done on our half for the residents so there is no reason why a company like Atmos couldn't come out and help 44 families," John Hartwick, the apartment owner, said.

But Atmos disagrees. The company sent NewsWest 9 this statement, "Atmos Energy crews responded to a suspected natural gas leak at the property last week. A leak was found on the customer owned line. The gas was shut off and made safe in order for the owners to make necessary repairs. Assistance with heating needs was offered, if necessary. Atmos will restore services as soon as the needed repairs are made and it is safe to do so."

"We've called most of the plumbing contractors in Big Spring that we believed were capable of handling a problem of this size and had very little success of getting one that is capable of coming to do the job," Hartwick said.

The owners said they're working fast and are looking in the Dallas area for a contractor. But at the end of the day, the cold families just want everything to be fixed.

"I want to see them get us back to where we were at," Smith said.