Future Plans For Ector Theater Still Unclear

Future Plans For Ector Theater Still Unclear

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA: The Ector Theater has been around since 1951 and although nothing is set in stone about what the future holds, the community is speaking out about what they don't want to see happen.

"Don't let the possibility of the theater being torn down, let that be on the list that you're okay with that. Take that off the table. You need to keep the building. Does it need updates? Yes!," Don Stice, with Friends of the Ector Theater, said.

Two weeks ago, the city hired Gate House Partners out of Dallas to do a pre-development study for a hotel and convention center downtown. 

"They're going to come in and they're going to look at a number of factors to determine if a hotel and convention center is economically feasible, is it a good fit for downtown? And figure out what the site plans might look like," Andrea Goodson, Communications Specialist with the City of Odessa, said.

The Ector Theatre is located by the ideal spot for the convention center so the future of the theater is unclear.

"There's been talks of just building around the Ector Theater. There's been talks of incorporating the theater into the hotel and convention center and making it part of it and then upgrading the theater itself. There has even been talks of tearing it down. I don't know what is going to happen. That is what this feasibility study is for," Goodson said.

The study is expected to be finished in about 90 days. But no matter the outcome, one thing is clear, the hidden gem here for over half a century even has a Facebook page fighting for it to stay.

"It's still one of the best kept secrets in town. A lot of new people don't even know that this building is here. And when they come in their jaw drops that there is so much love in this building. It's the O-M-G thing. Oh my gosh! Because that's what this building is!," Stice said.