Neighbors Helping Each Other After Back to Back Crimes

Neighbors Helping Each Other After Back to Back Crimes

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - "It's a little bit disturbing because you hear one of your neighbors, one of your close friends, a family member, in distress but the good thing about it is, you have neighbors watching neighbors who care for each other," Welton Blaylock III said.

It was a beautiful day in West Texas that many enjoyed outside, but for one Odessa neighborhood, it was the second day in a row that police and crime scene tape took over the streets.

"It's just scary because you don't want your kids to come outside and play, you know," Jeanie Martin said. "What's so bad about it is the people who's doing all this don't even live over here."

Just before noon on Monday, 46-year-old Deanna Cromer and 44-year-old Freddie Jones held a woman at gunpoint as they ransacked her house looking for jewelry and money. Turns out, one of the guns was stolen out of Andrews. Luckily, however, her neighbors were already outside and could hear her cries for help.

"She was screaming for her life and it's a good thing that someone was outside to hear her scream," Martin said.

"You hear gunshots and you don't know if we're going to get shot, she got shot, I don't know who got shot, I just know somebody needs to call the police," Jenique Johnson said.

"The response by Odessa Police Department was phenomenal because they were right here in our neighborhood because we had just had an incident," Blaylock explained.

On Sunday morning, police were chasing two suspects after they tried to pull them over. They caught up with one of the guys, who happens to be a felon, 32-year-old Shantay Logan. The report says a gun fell out of his pocket and there were hundreds of dollars of cash on him along with some cocaine in a cigarette box where he was handcuffed. Officers also found marijuana, hydrocodone pills, and more cocaine in their car. To top it off, Logan already had four warrants out for his arrest.

Residents admit that over the years crime has gone up on their street, but they're doing their best to keep one another safe.

"It keeps our neighbors where we know that our neighbors love each other because they're watching each other and holding each other's backs by being present, being a dominant force," Blaylock said. "Then to people who don't belong in our neighborhood, that's saying get out of our neighborhood, this is not what we tolerate."

Cromer and Jones were already facing aggravated robbery charges, but earlier tonight they were hit with more. Cromer is charged with stealing a gun and being a felon in possession of a firearm, while Jones was charged for having pot. As for the victim, she suffered minor injuries to her face and is expected to be okay.