Family Members of Murdered Man Speak Out

Family Members of Murdered Man Speak Out

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Family members of the man who was murdered Sunday night in Odessa are speaking out. They're searching for answers and wondering why something like this would happen.

"I don't know why. I mean he wasn't the type to be in gangs. I don't know if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Criselda Barrientes, the victim's cousin, said.

32-year-old Ismael Rios was shot and killed just after 8 p.m. Sunday night in the 2700 block of West 10th Street leaving loved ones in complete shock.

Family and friends told NewsWest 9 they were having a bar-b-que at the Third Edition Apartments but it suddenly turned into a murder investigation.

According to the arrest report, 19-year-old Manual Garcia Carbajal was in the driver seat of a brown car with two other Hispanic men. That's when Carbajal started an argument with a woman who lived in the apartment complex. Family members said that woman was Ismael Rios' wife. 

During the argument, one of the other Hispanic men got out of the car and started shooting at Rios and then they drove off. Rios was taken to Medical Center Hospital where he later died. Carbajal is currently behind bars charged with murder.

Family members said Ismael had a wife and three children with another one on the way. Now, they're searching for answers. 

"Why were they here? What were they doing here? What was the conversation? I mean could it have been that bad to pull out a gun and just start shooting randomly?" Barrientes said.

Corporal Steve LeSueur with Odessa Police says murders have been on the rise. 

"In 2013, we had five murders. Last year in 2014, we had 10 murders and this is the first murder of the year for 2015," LeSueur said.

For those who knew Rios, they said he was a good man who will be missed.  

"He was a very loving father and a good friend. He didn't deserve that," Felicia Perez, a friend of the victim, said.

"He was so fun. Once you grew to know him, I mean there was nothing that you couldn't ask for that he wouldn't try to give you," Barrientes said.

Anyone with information on this murder is asked to call Odessa Police or Crimestoppers at 333-TIPS.