Mexican Consulates Now Issuing Birth Certificates to Immigrants

Mexican Consulates Now Issuing Birth Certificates to Immigrants

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - For those immigrants who used to travel or go through a family member to get a birth certificate, that long, difficult process is over.

Now, all 50 Mexican Consulates in the U.S. are issuing birth certificates.

This change comes right after President Obama's Executive Action. The roughly three million immigrants who qualify will need an official ID to apply. To get an ID, like a passport, you need a birth certificate.

Mexican citizens are already taking advantage of this new change.

"It's a very important document for your immigrant status, considering President Obama's Executive Action. Please visit your local consulate. We are at your service here in Presidio," Sergio Salinas of the Presidio Mexican Consulate, said.

This change makes it easier for immigrants to get their drivers licenses, passports, work permits and protection from deportation under Obama's Executive Action.

Consulates are able to retrieve data from regional governments to supply a copy. If the individual is from a rural village where digital documents aren't used, the information needed might not be accessible.

NewsWest 9 asked what residents thought about this change on our sister station La Ley.

"It's a great idea because you no longer waste time traveling there. Now, you just have to go right here in Midland and in one day, you can have your birth certificate," Resident, Miguel Matos, said.

For those who needed their birth certificate before, they either had to travel back to Mexico or depend on a relative who lives there to get it for them.

"My cousin has lost his birth certificate driving back from Mexico after getting one. But now, they don't have to go to Mexico anymore," Matos said.

Most are relieved to be rid of the lengthy, more difficult process.

"With this change, you don't need to Mexico. You already know where to get one locally. It's much easier here," Resident, Velia Galindo, said.

If you're heading to the consulate for a birth certificate, bring an official government ID, like a passport or driver's license, a population ID also known as a 'cedula cuarta' if you have it and $13 for a copy.

For more information, call the Presidio Mexican Consulate at 432-229-2788.