Girl Saves Odessa Man Who Was Trapped in a Tree

Girl Saves Odessa Man Who Was Trapped in a Tree

by Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa man was trapped in a tree on Sunday after trying to cut it down. He was rushed to the hospital, all because of a young girl who heard his call for help.

Eight-year-old Gabby Carter is now a local hero after notifying her parents of the man that was yelling for help. He was yelling for help because he was lodged between a tree and a large tree branch.

"I told them that I saved a man's life."

That's what Gabby Carter told her classmates when she went to school on Monday as she proudly wore a hero ribbon to signify her act of heroism.

"I was brushing my teeth for Sunday school and I heard somebody yelling help and I went to go get my mom. Then she ran to the back door and saw that that man was stuck in a tree," Gabby said.

Russell Cox was cutting tree limbs when a limb snapped and fell on his leg. Because of Gabby's sense of urgency, her parents immediately ran to his rescue. 

"My mom stood there and tried to calm him down and my dad and my papa both got wires. My papa was holding up the branch so that it wouldn't put so much pressure on the man's legs," Gabby said. 

Neighbors began to gather around to help Russell and that's when someone called an ambulance.

Gabby's Elementary School Teacher, Lisa Anderson, said, "My first thought was, that's like Gabby, because she's very persistent, she's very attentive and she's very kind-hearted. So for her to be concerned about somebody else who needed help, that fits in her character."

Gabby offers this advice for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, 

"If you're a little kid, you should go tell your parents, and if you're an adult, you need to call 911 or get somebody else in your family and make sure it's an actual emergency," Gabby said.

Russell suffered a broken ankle that's broken in two places but says it could have been a lot worse without Gabby's help.

"I'd tell her thank you very much, she basically saved my life, she saved my leg. I'm very grateful, I'm just thankful that little kids still care about their elders," Cox said. 

Russell is thankful for Gabby's help and is thinking of a way to repay her for her act of heroism.