Contest Held for a Kermit Mascot Makeover

Contest Held for a Kermit Mascot Makeover

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT-  The Yellow Jacket mascot that the Kermit School District currently uses will soon be retired. A new, fresh Yellow Jacket will soon represent the student body.

"There has been numerous mascots through the years at Kermit. When you went to school during that era, you feel like that is your mascot," Superintendent, Bill Boyd, said.

There was the Yellow Jacket from the 1950's and 60's. The Yellow Jacket from the 1970's and 80's and then there is the current mascot that is the same mascot as Georgia Tech.

"Recently, we've had what we call the Georgia Tech mascot. We pay one dollar a year to that institution to use that mascot," Boyd said.

Boyd meets with an advisory committee made up of eight high school students. That is when the idea to have a contest for a new look to the Yellow Jacket came about.

"Our kids are a little bit split of which one they like. So I threw the idea out there that different eras have had their own mascots. What would be wrong with you guys creating your own mascot," Boyd said.

So the word got out and the contest began. Boyd started getting submissions and he wants students, alumni and the community to help submit drawings for a new age Yellow Jacket.

The rules are simple, keep the school colors of maroon and gold and make sure the drawing is a Yellow Jacket.

The number one rule is, "have a little fun with it and be creative," Boyd said.

Some students have submitted drawings but they are being kept secret. The students are just hoping their idea will be chosen and they can leave a mark on school history.

"I hope I win. Whoever does win, then congratulations. I hope that everyone who does their own thing just knows that we are doing something different," Kermit Junior, Benjamin Davis said

"It's good that we have something that's been here so long but everything needs a new face," Kermit Junior, Luis Calderon, said.

History is important to Boyd. He feels a new updated Yellow Jacket is needed.

"Schools are for kids and you need to listen to the kids. Those are the ones that are wearing the uniforms. Those are the ones that the mascots are going to be emblazoned on the uniform and I think it's important to listen," Boyd said.

You can submit a drawing via mail to 601 South Poplar Street in Kermit or via email at  The deadline for entries is January 31, 2015.