National Transportation Safety Board Holds Media Briefing

National Transportation Safety Board Holds Media Briefing

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The National Transportation Safety Board held a media briefing on Thursday evening, regarding the tragic bus accident that happened Wednesday morning when a prison bus collided with a train on I-20.

The NTSB Investigator in Charge, Pete Kotowski, said that they are in the beginning stages of their investigation but they do have eight investigators currently working the scene.

"Our investigators are currently in the field working. We're examining the vehicle, our folks are currently doing a highway examination. We have investigators that are gathering records so we're well underway at this time," Kotowski said..

NTSB investigators arrived on the scene late Wednesday night and began their investigation early Thursday morning.

"In our investigation process, we conduct and on-scene investigation which we anticipate being on scene about a week or so to gather evidence and information that we can take back and further analyze and review," Kotowski said.

They are looking at a variety of factors such as highway conditions, vehicle conditions, driver performance, human factors and survival factors. The NTSB referred to a nine point matrix system of investigation that contains three major components.

"Those three components are the environment, the vehicle and the persons involved. Each one of those three exists in three different conditions pre-crash, crash and post-crash," Kotowski said.

NTSB will release a preliminary report in the next 10 days. That report will contain basic facts regarding the bus accident that took place on Wednesday.

"On behalf of the safety board, we offer our condolences of behalf of the families of those who were lost, those who were injured and hope that they have a speedy recovery as we move forward. Hopefully this investigation will satisfy some of the questions that those folks may have," Kotowski said.

The investigation is anticipated to take 12 to 16 months as they have to take into consideration all of the factors involved in the deadly accident. They will keep the public informed via Twitter. To get updates on this incident, you can follow them on Twitter @NTSB.