Two Permian High School Students Facing Expulsion Due to a Gun Incident

Two Permian High School Students Facing Expulsion Due to a Gun Incident

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A Permian High School student got in trouble after getting caught with a gun. Turns out, a second student was arrested for originally stealing the gun.

Two separate investigations are being made in this case. One by ECISD Police and another by the Odessa Police Department.

But, these two teens aren't the only ones who were involved.

Mike Adkins, Public Information Officer for ECISD, said, "They arrested one student and that was the student who they found the gun in his backpack yesterday. That student will be charged with a felony. A state jail felony which is "Places weapons prohibited."

Officials say there were three other students involved. One of those students reportedly stole the gun, while the other two were merely witnesses to the crime.

Permian High School Principal, James Ramage, said, "Through the investigation with our District Police and working with the Odessa Police Department we had learned that the gun was originally stolen and that one student had originally brought the gun to school and then given it to another student. And that's when we had found out the other student was in possession of it."

The student who stole the gun was investigated by Odessa Police and is facing a theft of firearms charge, which is also a state jail felony.

"Investigation revealed that that gun had been stolen out of a vehicle in the 6900 block of Stonegate back on Friday," said Public Information Officer of the Odessa Police Department, Steve LeSueur.

As far as penalties go, the two students who were witnesses to the crime will be disciplined by the school, but the other two are facing far more serious punishment.

"Both students could be facing expulsion, in which if you are in possession of a weapon here in the state of Texas it is a mandatory expulsion. And then we go to a hearing and then the hearing officer will decide what consequences to give at that point," Principal Ramage said.

Officials want to remind parents and gun owners to keep your guns locked and hidden in a safe place that is not easily accessible.

"Any type of weapons have no place at school what-so-ever. If families do have weapons at home, please keep them locked in a secure safe, so that their child or their student has no access to it at anytime," Principal Ramage said.

School officials have wrapped up their investigation, but Odessa Police tell us that their case is still ongoing.

Due to a tip that was given by an Odessa resident, they were able to stop this crime before anyone was hurt. If you witness a crime in your area, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-tips