New Motorcycle Law Aims to Protect Passengers

New Motorcycle Law Aims to Protect Passengers

By Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's called Malorie's Law, its purpose is to keep the driver and the passenger safe when hitting the road on a motorcycle.

"Most motorcycles already come with what Malorie's Law is asking. Which is rear foot pegs or foot rests and some sort of grab handles for the passenger," Senior Sales Professional at Family PowerSports Odessa, Joseph Edward Martin, said.

Martin tells NewsWest 9 that if a motorcycle does not have a grab handle or foot pegs, most likely the owner removed them.

"They don't want the rear peg in the way when they are trying to race. The strap isn't sufficient and it's a couple ounces of weight that they are going to remove," Martin said.

Martin says that bike owners are allowed to remove these items but having a passenger on the back without the handle and foot pegs is against the law.

"Motorcycle riding is all about the safety. Everybody has fun but we always try to encourage safety here at Family Powersports," Martin said.

Besides these new stipulations that the law requires, the passenger has to be a certain age as well.

"The passenger must be at lease five years of age or older. The motorcycle that we put them on must have come from the factory with rear foot pegs and some sort of grab handle apparatus," Martin said.

The driver must have their motorcycle license. Family Powersports offers people to get their Class M License. You can call to make an appointment to take the class.

"Motorcycle riding is a great freedom, it's a tremendous experience. For that not to be enjoyed by other folks is really a sin to me," Martin said.