New Law Requires Inspection Sticker, Registration Changes in Texas

New Law Requires Inspection Sticker, Registration Changes in Texas

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Come March first, instead of having an inspection sticker and a registration sticker on your windshield, they will be consolidated to one.

The next time you're due for an inspection, instead of a sticker, you'll receive a paper that verifies you passed your inspection. You'll take that paper with your insurance to renew your registration and you'll receive one sticker for both.

But what if your inspection sticker and your registration are due on different months? The DMV says you have to get your inspection done within 90 days of when your registration expires. Eventually, you will have to show proof you had your inspection done to renew your registration.

So why this change right now? The Texas Department of Public Safety says after further investigation, changing from two stickers to one saves the state $2 million dollars.

Some West Texas drivers are apathetic to the new law as it doesn't require additional work.

"Nothing else is gonna change. We still have to have the inspection, we still have to take the vehicles to get them inspected. It might be a little bit positive on a visibility issue but that's about it," Resident, Jose Aguilar, said.

Others favor the convenience.

"It'd be easier to get one rather than two. It's good to save money," Resident, Shawn Crays, said.

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