Odessa Woman's Act of Kindness Sparks Chain Reaction

Odessa Woman's Act of Kindness Sparks Chain Reaction

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - We've all seen the sight, a person in need on the side of the road when it's freezing outside. On Friday, one Odessa woman decided to lend a helping hand to a homeless person. Not knowing that other people would follow in her footsteps in an even bigger way.

"I had made a stop to drop off some art to a friends dad and I happened to notice a lady over in the corner. A homeless lady," Odessan, Marilyn Benefield, said. 

Marilyn said it was freezing outside and she felt compelled to help the elderly homeless woman in anyway she could. All she had was $10.

"She did not want to accept it. I told her please accept this and she wanted to make sure that I was fine before she took this money. She offered it back and just wanted me to go get her food," Benefield said.

Benefield told the woman to keep the money and she went to buy her food. When she got back, she sat with her and talked for a while and then she went home. 

"I put a post on my Facebook and said don't think that when this lady is out in the cold tonight that I'm not going to be thinking about this. I wish I could do more," Benefield said. 

It was that post that started a chain reaction. With over 50 shares, Benefield had friends and even strangers contacting her wanting to help. 

"The next thing I know I have people posting saying where is she at? I want to pick her up, I want to get her a room," Benefield said.

Benefield's friends paid for the homeless lady to stay at Motel 6 so she would have a warm place to sleep. More people donated food, hygiene products and clothes. 

"It's amazing how this one act, this small act of charity through the use of social media, Facebook, the outcome of what happened. It's been great," Benefield said.

She said that more people have donated money so the woman is able to stay somewhere warm until Tuesday. Benefield hopes to find a shelter or some place more permanent then the side of the road.

"If you can give then you should. I mean, that's what we're here for. To help each other," Benefield said.

It all started with just a $10 bill.

If you would like to help pay it forward, Benefield said just friend her on Facebook. She'll help you get in contact with the homeless woman.