Information, Enrollment Session for Affordable Care Act Saturday

Information, Enrollment Session for Affordable Care Act Saturday

Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - More than 200,000 West Texans have no health insurance. Experts say, many don't enroll because of the high costs. Saturday, they'll have the chance to find a plan that fits their needs.

In the last enrollment session, 40,000 West Texans enrolled for an affordable health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act, making the grand total nationwide over 6.5 million.

"As you know, in West Texas, as in many other parts of the country, there are large numbers of people who are still not insured. They don't have health insurance," Community Relations Manager for Project Amistad, Roy Ortega, said.

Experts agree. Finding the right health insurance doesn't always happen easily.

"Insurance is really complicated, even for those of us who have been in it for a long, long time. We find it very cumbersome at times to understand all of the various, specific provisions that are contained within the law. So people shouldn't feel bad," Ortega said.

With the February deadline approaching to enroll for affordable health insurance under Obamacare, Project Amistad of Midland is hoping to make the process a little easier.

If you don't have health insurance come February 15th, be ready to hand over 2% of your household income when filing income taxes in April.

Saturday, several Project Amistad navigators will be on-hand to answer any questions and help West Texans find an affordable health insurance plan through the Affordable Care Act that fits their budget.

There are also several exemptions you can learn about on Saturday. For example, if you make under $11,400 a year, you are exempt from participating in Obamacare.

"A lot of folks don't realize that based on their income that they would qualify to receive federal subsidies, which would bring their monthly premiums for their health care way, way down," Ortega said.

87% of those that apply qualify for the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act community information and enrollment session is Saturday the 10th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 208 South Marienfeld in Midland inside the Business Development Center.

For more information, call 915-532-3415. The event is free to the public.