A forum of lawyers responded to questions on immigration

A forum of lawyers responded to questions on immigration

Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9 

A united voice of the community center of Odessa immigration opened a forum at the Community Center of Salinas to give legal consultations and referrals will be provided to answer any questions residents might have over Obama's Executive Action.

Millions of immigrants qualify for deferred deportation.the forum seats were nearly filled, residents were prepared with questions for the immigration lawyers on whether they qualify or not, or their families qualify for deferred deportation.

"This is the second immigration forum that we've had that have centered around the immigration changes that happened recently,"

This comes just months after the executive action of the president Obama, which can provide relief of deportations of immigrants million.Two immigration lawyers were on hand to answer the public's questions and concerns.

"One of the most important things that we as attorneys have to do is inform people of their rights and their eligibility requirements, and so many people have a lot at stake when they apply when maybe they're not eligible or they're not well informed," Melissa Untereker, he said.

We spoke with a resident who did not wish to show her face on camera. She came prepared with questions for the professionals.

"How will it benefit us? what types of things will we need to apply - those that qualify?"

Although skeptical at first to the specifics, the resident believes good things are in store:

"If this is going to benefit us as much as they say it is, i think it's a great thing for those who qualify for this program. There are so many families that need to, that want to make a move, but until now they've been too afraid. Now, they can possibly go wherever they wish without fear."

Immigration lawyers say to be wary of scams targeting the immigrant population right now..they say you should never give money up front, as the official applications should be ready by the end of February.