Ector County Receives Health Grant to Get Community Back in Shape

Ector County Receives Health Grant to Get Community Back in Shape

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Ector County is one of the most unhealthiest counties in the state but the county is hoping to change that. They've been given a $50,000 community health grant to help get people back in shape. In fact, 70% of adults in Ector County are overweight or obese.

"So unfortunately Ector County is not the healthiest. I don't know if the general community knows this," Diana Ruiz, Director of Community Health at Medical Center Hospital, said.

The unhealthy community has been years in the making but Medical Center Hospital is leading a Physical Activity Coalition to hopefully fix that.

"Our ultimate goal is to get Ector County up and moving, physically active, more engaged in our own health and to really be empowered to live a healthier life," Ruiz said.

The coalition was put together after the county received the health grant. 

"I always receive all kinds of data and information about how we're the number one most obese county for adults 18 and above out of 254 counties," Gino Solla, Director of the Ector County Health Department, said.

Spearheading the group are key leaders in the community from all different kinds of sectors. 

"We're very excited to bring people together from business, education, non-profit, parks and recreation and transportation," Ruiz said.

They're goal is to brainstorm ideas and strategies to get the community back in shape. 

"To brainstorm how we can live healthier, offering free classes, maybe a different opportunity in the community that don't exist yet," Ruiz said.

For more information or to find out how you can get involved, call Diana Ruiz at 432-640-2383.