Barstow Residents Forced to Mail in Pecos Following Post Office Fire

Barstow Residents Forced to Mail in Pecos Following Post Office Fire

By Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

BARSTOW- A fire broke out at the Barstow post office just a day after Christmas. Since that time, it has affected mail service for the small community. There are about 300 residents that live in town and all of their mail is being delivered about seven miles away to Pecos.

"It's an inconvenience because they have to travel and we have a lot of elderly here that have a hard time getting out," County Commissioner, Julian Florez, said.

Commissioner Florez's wife works at the post office. She was headed to work on December 26 when she noticed the fire.

"She arrived at the post office and it was engulfed in smoke and flames. She called me hysterical and wanted the fire department. I calmed her down and I was there in a minute to contact the sheriff's department, who contacted the fire department," Florez said.

Florez ran down the street to the siren in town to let all residents know of the fire. It was determined that it was an electrical fire from the heating and cooling unit. The fire started between the ceiling and the roof.  Florez said no mail or packages were damaged.

"They were able to save all the mail that was in there," Florez said.

The fire was put out. However, it's unknown if the building will host the post office again.

"Hopefully they can bring in another building. They haven't set any timeline. They are just to the point where they can distribute the mail," Florez said.